We are still waiting to see if we can still hold our CSF Banquet, even if it is postponed to later in the summer. Regardless, all Life Members will receive their gold cords.

If you are listed as a Potential Life Member, you still have a chance to redeem your Life Membership status! Submit a CSF Application using your Q3 grades; as long as you have 6 out of the 10 points normally required, we will accept it and give you a life membership.

Check your membership status here


We have a new system to eliminate all paperwork and significantly expedite the membership process! Simply create a new account, or log into your pre-existing account and complete the membership application under the FORMS tab for the new term.

Check your current membership status under the MEMBERSHIP tab

Westview CSF is an organization that honors students for their high academic achievements and their dedicated service to the community. 

Please use the quick links at the top to navigate this website, where you can find the necessary CSF forms, FAQs, upcoming community service events, banquet photos, and more! 

Why Join? You get a nice tassel to wear at graduation, an awesome certificate, and a delicious banquet with cheesecake at the end of senior year. You also can take pride in being part of a scholarly community with your peers!

Why $10?

Each year, we host a year-end banquet for the seniors who have qualified to be life members (joined CSF at least 4 terms). The $10 is for the vast quantity of food that we have to purchase for the banquet. If you cannot pay $10, you will NOT be denied membership. Just contact Ms. Loo, and she will work something out with you.

Community Service Requirement?


6 hours is the new requirement. These do not have to be CSF events. They do not have to be the same event. A certificate or other form of documentation besides the form is acceptable. 

Please see the Service tab at the top for a list of events we have found for you (if you need suggestions).

List 1, 2, 3 courses?

If you are confused about the different categories of courses, please message us or post in the CSF group. 


Please join the CSF group and check your email often, as we will communicate with you through these two methods. 

Please please let us know if you have any questions regarding CSF in general, applications, or whatever else. Also feel free to let us know any suggestions, comments, or concerns you have. We are here to serve you!

Ms. Loo, Advisor

Yeonseo Seok, President

Faustina Ryu, Vice President

Sarah Dong, Secretary

Trinity Yacoub, Treasurer

Aly Lee, Community Service Officer

Kian Kalantar, Community Service Officer

Michelle Wu, IT Consultant

CSF | Scholarship for Service

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